Coastal Highway Road Trip - Day 2

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Before we left, we had a killer breakfast (and lunch) and I helped my dad troubleshoot a bad driveshaft bearing on his Ford Sport-Trac. After that we loaded up and left. We drove across town to the gas station near the I-15 on ramp when I realized I had forgotten my wallet, so we turned around and went back. I checked all over the house for my wallet, before finally finding it in my back pocket where it had been all along. Do’h!

After that self-inflicted ordeal, we hit the road, cruising south on I-15 through the Arizona gorge. We went straight through Las Vegas, and then crossed over to Death Valley.

Death Valley from above A valley. OF DEATH.

When we arrived there, it was a blustery day. The wind was blowing really strong and had the whole valley covered in a haze. That, combined with driving in the Van, made me feel like I was in a scene from Mad Max.

The Van parked in death valley THE WAR RIG

We parked at one of the free campgrounds because Tara was losing her mind form all the driving. For being a 2 year old, she had taken the long drive like a regular trucker. At this point, however, we just had to stop and camp. Personally, the valley was the last place I wanted to be since it was hotter than hell. Fortunately it did finally cool down around 1-2am to where I was able to fall into a semi-restful slumber. We barely spent any time here because neither of us are fans of it to be honest. It is a hellish landscape that I mostly feel driven to escape as soon as possible. We woke up early, made breakfast, then headed for the coast.


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