Coastal Highway Road Trip - Day 1

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I was laid off recently. Fortunately I had an interview already lined up at another place  and within a day I was offered the position. I told them I could start in a month, since I wanted to capitalize on this opportunity to do something fun with my family between jobs. We talked it over and decided to take a trip I’ve wanted to do since high school – a coastal highway road trip. I’ve always dreamed of dirtbagging in a junky adventure rig up Highway 1 from Cali, through Oregon, and up to Washington.

Day 1 on our journey was moving everything from our apartment in SLC to a storage unit in Cedar City. My badass wife drove the moving truck the whole way while me and my daughter took the van. After stopping in Cedar and unloading, we stopped by a friend’s house to mooch some peach cobbler and ice cream, because I’ve had this cobbler before and it is amazing.

Our Budget moving truck on the interstate Taylor driving the Budget truck like a champion

The highlight for me was getting 25mpg out of the van (after removing the rack and driving a leisurely 65mph the whole way). I normally get about 18mpg. Of course, I also enjoy pulling up to the bloom of wild poppies in the front yard when I arrive home. I also love having a room in the basement to stay as well, due to the fact my parents are total old people who keep the house uncomfortably warm.

After a long day moving, hanging out with family, and trying to squeeze in a little time for Mother’s Day, we called it a day. We were all pretty spent.

Home sweet home, where I was born and raised


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