1984-89 Toyota Van Torque Specs

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I’ve decided to compile a list of the torque specs for common components on the van as a quick reference guide. If you see anything missing that needs to be added, shout out in the comments!

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Toyota Van Torque Specifications

1984 to 1989 Toyota Vans with 3Y-EC and 4Y-EC engines

Air intake chamber-to-intake manifold bolts: 9 ft. lbs.

Camshaft sprocket bolt: 67 ft. lbs.

Camshaft thrust plate bolts: 13 ft. lbs.

Crankshaft damper bolt: 1984-85: 80 ft. lbs; 1986-90: 116 ft. lbs.

Cylinder head bolts: Torque in three steps in sequence. 12mm: 14 ft. lbs; 14mm: 65 ft. lbs.

Drive belt adjusting bar bolt: 29 ft. lbs.

Engine front mounting member-to-body bolts (3Y-EC): 58 ft. lbs.

Engine rear mounting member-to-body bolts (3Y-EC): 14-22 ft. lbs.

Engine front mounting member-to-engine bolts (4Y-EC): 29 ft. lbs.

Engine front mounting member-to-body bolts and nuts: 65 ft. lbs.

Engine rear mounting member-to-body: Manual 2wd: 9 ft. lbs.; Manual 4wd: 70 ft. lbs. Automatic 2wd: 36 ft. lbs; Automatic 4wd: 36 ft. lbs.

Exhaust and intake manifold bolts: 36 ft. lbs.

Flywheel bolts: 61 ft. lbs.

Main bearing cap bolts: 58 ft. lbs.

Oil level sensor bolts: 48 in. lbs.

Oil pan bolts: 9 ft. lbs.

Oil pump mounting bolts: 13 ft. lbs.

Rocker arm bolts/nuts: 17 ft. lbs.

Rod bearing cap nuts: 36 ft. lbs.

Spark plugs: 12 ft. lbs.

Throttle body-to-air intake chamber bolts: 9 ft. lbs.

Timing chain cover bolts: 52 in. lbs.

Timing chain Tensioner bolts: 13 ft. lbs.

Valve cover bolts: 13 ft. lbs.

Water pump bolts and nuts: 13 ft. lbs.

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