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One of the greatest resources out there since I purchased a Toyota Van (which story I chronicled here) has been the ToyotaVanTech Forum and the incredibly smart people on there, particularly Tim of Tim’s Mobile RV Repair. If you live in the Vancouver/Clark County/Portland area, check out this guy’s services!

Since owning a Van I have learned that there isnt a ton of resources out there for a driveway, DIY mechanic like myself. The forum is fantastic but it can be extremely difficult to comb through and find what you need, so I decided to create this blog and keep it tied closely with the forum in name. My aim for the forum is not only to share my Van stories, but to also distill and curate the wealth of information at toyotavantech.com and other places online into well photographed technical write ups and information. I will also focus on providing links to resources, products, and tools that I have discovered as essential in my journey of repairing my Van.

I’ve learned a ton about working on cars and had basically zero prior experience doing so until owning this Van. I want to prove to anyone out there on the fence about working on their own vehicle that it is possible to learn, and there is an unlimited wealth of knowledge online if you want to dive into the world of auto repair. I’ve been passionate about cars, trucks, motorcycles, and anything with an engine since I was a kid, and buying a run-down, neglected van was the catalyst to deeply exploring a passion I always had but never realized was so intense. Troubleshooting, fixing, and testing my automotive work has been incredibly challenging and rewarding. I’ve gained a valuable hands on skill, and it gives me a great relief from my work where I am staring at a computer screen all day. (Ironically, I’ll be doing a lot more of that by running and maintaining this blog, haha.)

I hope you will subscribe, comment, and contribute moving forward and we can work together to make this a valuable resource alongside the forums. I would love to shape this site moving forward based upon the feedback of my readers. Let me know your ideas in the comments and dont forget to subscribe! You can also find me on instagram.

Published by Dave on